Sunday, 8 July 2012

In the garden

Outdoor Chess

Out in the sun,
under my beguiled glances,
they stand like works of art.
The motley of colors,
the sparkle of sunbeams
onto the marble pieces,
beatifies my garden.
With black and white,
and some grey,
and, oh, there is green, too,
and brown and blue,
how can I not love this place
where I wait for you?
Oh, how can’t I?

Written for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, The Sunday Challenge ~ Featuring Gemma Wiseman


  1. The visual becomes the feeling! Lovely!

  2. this is good gave it another touch.....lovely...

  3. ..beguiled glances, sunbeams, radiant color... I think someone is in love ;)

    1. lol I'm in love with words, yes! :) Thanks for stopping by, Margaret.

  4. I laugh with the same joy
    "how can I not love this place
    where I wait for him?
    Oh, how can’t I?"

    Thank you for this gift.

  5. What a vivid description of colors in the form of words you have given Vaishali. So, did the wait get over for 'him' or were you left sitting there all by yourself?
    Nice post. Keep posting :)

    1. lol To tell you the truth, I don't know where the 'wait' came in. I was just describing the chess and the colors and suddenly..oh well, that's how words get into poems, I guess. :)

      Thanks a bunch, Jay, for appreciating what I wrote! :)

    2. there's a hidden secret in this event we are talking of....and then, what happened Vaishali? ;)

    3. Ooh mystery mystery! :D :D

      See the grey bench in there? That caught my eyes and I was like, "I got my ending."

      I mostly don't know what my poems would end like. "Write and you shall know" it seems! :)

  6. Hmmm, I see, you've made use of the props present in the environment of your poetry.
    Its good, in a way, not to know your endings. Then you can bring an end in the most unlikeliest of all manners :)

    1. Totally agree with you, Jay. Totally.

      I feel AWESOME when I get an ending out of nowhere[even when sometimes it feels gross to read the change of direction the poem/story takes but, well, who doesn't like something different and as you said, something unlikely?] :)

    2. Yes, the pursuit of the unthinkable and different is a very exciting and challenging journey, throws up quite a few surprises in the way.

      Try this out for an unlikely twist...

    3. True... and I loved your post. Plus, I did some stalking, too. ;)

  7. I join you here...great depiction of showing joy in place...:)


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