Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Falling For Rain - Book Review

Name: Falling for Rain

My Rating: 9/10

Genre: Romance

My thoughts about the book: I loved each page of this book and felt happy to have picked this one to read. Though I was really busy one weekend, I still gave my eight hours to this beautiful book. That should count something in its favor, shouldn’t it? The only negative I could find in this book was a few grammatical errors and typos.[read: very, very few]

Falling for Rain is the story of two childhood friends Raymond Storm and Emily Alexander; they choose to address each other as Rain and Em. Isn’t Rain Storm a name absolutely adorable? I loved it from the very start but as the novel progressed, I didn’t even realize that I had already fallen in love with this man – for his name, yes, but more so, for his character. 

Rain Storm is your gorgeous, tall man aged almost 33 at the start of the novel, with a fantastic build, blonde hair, silky voice and deep blue eyes. His love for Emily will make any girl think again about her Prince Charming. His emotions – love, humor, regret, desire, anger – seem to be very romantic and masculine at the same time.

Emily is the tall, beautiful, successful architect aged 28 at the beginning of the novel; she has dark hair and dark eyes, all which suit her personality, whether she’s the joyous Em or the business-like, sarcastic Emily Alexander. She loves Rain, no doubt, but wants to prove to him that she’s always been superior to him and was right to leave the farm after her mother’s death in an accident. The accident plays an important part in the novel.

She comes from her busy world of Toronto to the farm, which once was her life until that fateful accident took place. Her brief visit is to inform Rain that she’ll sell the farm and will bury her past, in short, get rid of him and that place forever. Little did she know that the three days would change her life. Rain’s charm pulls her towards him but she pushes his attraction away, harder. 

I won’t give any more of the amazing novel away. There are many twists and turns that will keep you guessing. You’ll find yourself pleading Emily to let bygones be bygones and start a new chapter of her life. You’ll find yourself pleading Rain to try harder and no matter what, never let Em go. You’ll find yourself: scowling at Jonathon, cheering Lee, respecting Martin Wright and liking Jessica. You’ll find yourself smiling, blushing and smiling again; a few pages that might moisten your eyes… a few that will broaden your smile. Above all, you’ll want to fall in love again. 

This book has been written beautifully in 3rd person POV. You’ll love every character in this novel; that’s one of the aspects of Falling for Rain that I truly liked. Besides Rain and Emily, you’ll even love the characters that show up just for a chapter or even so short a part as two pages - Jennifer, Lee, Martin Wright and even the ancestor Emily.
There is just one character you’ll love to hate – it’s Jonathon! I don’t exactly remember which cartoon character it was, that always wore suit, had wicked features and slicked his hair behind in a ponytail, but I pictured Jonathon as that.

The use of the words ‘rain’ and ‘storm’ as not just Rain Storm’s name, but in different contexts was intelligent.

It’s a book that’s hard to keep down once you’ve started it. Congrats to co-authors  Gina Buonaguro and Janice Kirk. I look forward to reading their other books.

Would I recommend this book? Yes. I’m not a romance lover, never wrote a book in that genre; but, when a novel keeps me awake till five in the morning just because I can’t stop wondering what would happen next and WANT to know till the very end, I consider it to be a book worth recommending.


  1. Let me see if I can get it via flipkart !!!

  2. 5 AM? Now that must be some kind of book!I know the feeling. Just experienced it with two books: And the Whippoorwill Sang... by Micki Peluso and Fighting the Devil by Jeannie Walker.

    1. Thanks for sharing the names, Sharla! I will look for them on Amazon. )

  3. Nice review Vaishali :) :) :)
    Hmm, so an entire night for the novel, quite a story this must be.
    So, how many novels have been able to keep you awake the whole night?

    1. Thanks, Jay! :)

      I was in love with the characters, that's all. :D Let's leave classics out of it and I can say - This was the first book that got on me so. :)

  4. Nice review Vaishali :)

    my next book is "Falling For Rain"
    Thank you

    1. Hehe Glad you liked the review of the book, Bindhya! Oh well, I know you'll enjoy it. :)

  5. Thank you so much for the fantastic review! We both really appreciate it and are so glad you enjoyed it. We hope too you'll consider reading (and if you wish reviewing) our other novels, The Sidewalk Artist and Ciao Bella.
    Best wishes and happy reading - Gina & Janice

    1. So glad to hear from you! It's great news that you liked the review. Well, thanks! :)

      I've heard a lot about The Sidewalk Artist. Also, it's on my to-read list. :) Would love to review it once I read it.

      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. That would be great! Thank you and we sincerely hope you enjoy it! Best wishes - Gina & Janice

  7. Sounds interesting as contemporary women and romance fiction is my favourite genre!:)


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