Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Imaginary Lives

Top of my June reading-list was The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I had been hearing a lot about it since past couple of months. It had to be given a try. Two weeks now, I must tell you, it does give a nudge to the creativity within. Week 1 of this brilliant book had certain interesting tasks recommended by the author.

There were ten thought-provoking tasks enlisted. One of them was:

If you had five other lives to lead, what would you do in each of them? Look over your list and select one. Then do it this week.

I thought it was better to question my dear brain than to ask the scorching sun to go cool for a few hours. 

Now, here’s my list of imaginary lives. I would like to live as: a writer; a painter; a saint; a singer and a teacher.

I believe, in this life of mine, I’m more focused on being a writer, so why not share something about one of the other lives.

Okay, let’s check my Singer profile. 

As a kid, I was always convinced that I could be a singer, a painter, a teacher and a poetess, all at the same time. As I grew up, I lost focus and grew insecure of my own abilities and aspirations. I regret the fact that I never even tried to pass by the abandoned territory.

If I had an option to make a choice for my life, then I would want to be a singer with a deep, clear and mesmerizing voice. I’d want to hold my guitar and dive into the music to touch the chords of everyone’s hearts. 

I believe, music has the power to heal and to transport us to a different world and connect with the higher power. It can transcend boundaries. It can strengthen the power of love. It has a life of its own. 

I love to write songs and play piano, and I so long to play a guitar with enough confidence and experiment with scales, notes and tones.

I’m always inspired by people who can charm others with their creativity. Music, surely, would be a good choice for me.

As for doing it - Yes, I did sing.. OUT LOUD! What did I notice? Here it goes..

Instruments: Gotta work on them. Just piano isn’t enough. Sigh!
Voice: Nice… but can it ever be awesome, I wonder.
Scales n tones: There is a great scope for improvement there. Hmphh!

Never mind, it’s an imaginary life anyway. I can live with it.

Now, it’s your turn. Think it out and type it down. I’d love to know your list of imaginary lives. Just five lives to think of… Yep, it’s fun. 

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  1. Singer(Though people are tired of me singing), writer(I do write),
    Painter(I do paint at times but it needs a lot of hard work),
    Journalist (No Scope now!!!), and
    Actress(Don't laugh after reading this please).

    1. Interesting, Laxmi! I share three of them with you. As for the last two, they would be somewhere down the list, for me too.

      Journalism can still be followed. Write articles and try to get them published[Not exactly journalism, of course, but a bit close it is.]

      Thanks for sharing your imaginary lives. I came to know something new about you. And that's obviously good. :)

  2. Interesting.....What are mine?...... poetess(needs hard work)
    Painter(Needs more time)...... Lecturer(Need to try seriously NET)
    traveler( may need two assistants....Will think in another life...but really it is tempting...) interior designer(others must be bold enough to trust me).....

    1. Let me interrupt, please.

      Poetess - you already are a good one. :)
      Painter - I haven't seen your paintings yet. Could you give me the link if they are on net? It would be a treat for me.
      Lecturer - NET is a good choice. Do try it.
      Traveler - Tempting, indeed! You could even be a travel writer then.
      Interior designer - lol you need someone bold enough? :D I hope you get one.. agar nahi then main hoon na! ;)

      Thanks for sharing your imaginary lives, Sreeja.

  3. Oh me you are a sweetheart as you said to me....check my blogger profile the painting blog is there.....

    1. I checked it out, Sreeja, and OMG! I am clueless as to what adjectives would be perfect to use. Great work!

      I mean, very rare people have the talent to paint a picture with words and colors both. Congrats on that! :)

  4. As a child, I always wanted to become Spider-Man. I used to hunt for spiders in my attic and carried them on my palm, hoping they'd bite me. I got bitten may be once or twice.
    Did it work?! Well, one fine morning, my brother tried to make me believe that last night I got up from my bed in the middle of my sleep, looked at him and said, "MAIN HOON SPIDERMAN!" before falling down on the bed again and falling asleep!

    Later on, as I grew up, I learnt that, it is more important to be in a profession than to become Spider-Man. I'm glad it was not the end.

    Gradually, I realized that we can be a good doctor, a good teacher or a good writer but the most important and difficult task at hand, before anything else, was to become a good person. A good person, yes!

    However, I feel that we, here, have not been open-ended with the possibilities of five other imaginary lives. It should not be as simple as five other desired professions or hobbies... You can almost do all of them in a single life!

    I'd still like to be Spider-Man in some imaginary life. I think this life is quite enough for the rest of my saner adventures!

  5. Ask me if I could agree more, Prateek. All that you want to become, you can; you only need to work towards it and at least try once. While we all have our own choices, we are not completely, either open to them or are not allowed to go in that direction. Majorly because of self doubt or the lucre factor.
    We need to break our cages and take risks.
    Your Spider-Man story was quite engaging. I know, I've tried that. lol Been there, done that, they say! :)

    A good person, yes. That's the ultimate quest, ain't it? This concept of imaginary lives made me think back about the things I really wanted to do; of which I hadn't really discussed with anyone in person.

    I know it's never too late to learn but to master an art, it takes a lifetime. I wish I were that awesome to have accomplished all of that...but yes, I can try. Oh, right, I can try! :)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was a pleasure to read an honest and thought-provoking reply.

    PS: [Just to extend the length of this comment :P] I was just watching Spider Man 2. idk how many times I'll watch that movie.
    Also, I hope your wish comes true. Amen!

  6. interesting..hmm..
    well i alwaz wanted to become an 1.astronaut or a 2.pilot from the beginning itself...d former still hovers sometime as i am very passionate about space science..while d latter vanished as soon as i got in the 6th grade :P
    then i alwaz had interest in 3.writing poems n 4.sketching(alwaz got A grade here)..wrote many poems earlier n sketched many a drawings too(though i like painting also bt liking isn't good enough..u hav to b good at
    then came the thought of becoming an basketball player..though um d colg captain n all :P bt my height ditched me..n at 5'3'' i cant think of becomin 1..
    so i am happy being an MBA aspirant fr nw.. :)
    PS poetry,sketching n basketball r all gifted frm my parents..n i feel blessed 4 dat:)

    1. Awesome, Mona! I knew about Ayushi wanting to be an astronaut but you...oh well...came to know something new. :)

      "poetry,sketching n basketball r all gifted frm my parents..n i feel blessed 4 dat:)" Don't know about basketball, but yes, poetry and sketching are in your genes. Ask here @home, I've said "Fufaji ki poems itni awesome hai" many times.

      Basket ball bhi, I know, you play really well, but as luck would have it... :( It's it for your fitness. ;)

      But most importantly, never let the creativity in you die of procrastination. Read, write, draw, sketch, paint, sing, dance, partyyyy... and study - you're an MBA aspirant now. :P and keep visiting my blog, too. :o

  7. well an FYI:my mum ws also d basketball captain in her shocked u dint know newaz its true :)
    PS even today she told me dat u call her sometimes saying u miss her n believe me..she misses u too..

    1. Oops! Really didn't know! Or maybe I forgot. :(

      Convey my message to her: She is the *most* endearing bua in the world. :)


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