Sunday, 28 July 2013


Tring tring... The phone rang for the sixth time. The blank calls she had been getting since days disturbed her freelance works. Working alone past midnight, she heard the outmoded landline phone ring again and remembered why she had, in fact, gotten it disconnected today.

Her pencil stopped.


A calm chuckle resounded behind her.

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  1. That's creepy..

  2. That's... I don't know what to think!
    Is it a merry chuckle or a horrifying chuckle or a suspicious chuckle or an evil chuckle?
    Congratulations, you have successfully stumped me and by the looks of it, all your other readers too! :D

  3. Spooky and you know what I am reading this quite late in the night when the entire house is silent!! :(

  4. Whenever I hear my land line ringing, I would remember this nice piece of write.


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