Sunday, 2 December 2012

I Miss You...

My fourth birthday it was, I remember
I saw you smiling at me
Delighted, I smiled back brighter
I allowed you in my life
Like I had let none before.
You brown little thing,
You waited each day by the door.
I pranced in my school uniform
And recited poems and folklore
And made my own stories too
About the attic with the grey walls.
Scary, were they?
Some prater I was, I talked to no end
But you listened like a turtle,
Ever so patient, a perfect boyfriend!

But I remember too
The day you lost your leg
And Daddy ordered to bid farewell
I am sorry I couldn’t revolt
And let you go in that rusted truck
The red scarf I gifted you
Is it still around your neck
Or did you leave it… like I left you?
It’s been a decade
A decade of constant change
I have all things I need today… almost all
But, Teddy, my boy,
Leg or no leg
Eyes or no eyes
There is still enough space for you
By my side, under my roof.

– Vaishali

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