Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A solitary affair

Down in the dumps
Yet the morrow is alive
An affair with expectations, it seems
Freeing me
Yet clutching me
I am
Bound to strive.

– Vaishali

Written for: Words Count With Mama Zen where we write a poem in 25 words or less on our own power image AND Three Word Wednesday where we use the three words in our poems - Affair, Expectations and Free. Do join in for some creative splashes.

Friday, 17 August 2012

A chance glance


A chance glance
Held me for long
Didn’t understand why
A girl and her grandpa
Played on the swings.
Like no age existed
Like no difference there was.
The garden, a mere background.
Maybe they were just strangers,
But that ain’t the point.
They revelled.
Unbound by promises,
Yet considerate.
Unaware of time
In the moment
Of the moment.
Enchanted by laughter
Blended with nature.
I whispered.
That chance glance
It held me for long
Now I understand why.

– Vaishali

Thursday, 16 August 2012

A unique choice...

Eerie boulevard
Blighted curtains
Beat my stance

A shadow harkens
Borrowing mystery
Condemning the night

I, a broken vagrant
He, an ordinary mystic
Moonless flicker

The substance arises
Blinding green
Deceitful rhythm

Life on wager
Praise the dark
Or fade to naught

Bloating pressure
A unique choice...
Marred by blood

Written for Three Word Wednesday where the words were Beat, Pressure & Substance 
And Poets United: Vice Versa where the words were Unique/Ordinary & Condemn/Praise

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Can you imagine the excitement when you decide to check your Dashboard for one last time before dozing off and you get a surprise... an award? Unexpected? Yeah, totally!

And I can't thank Sharla enough for this encouragement in the form of One Lovely Blog Award. She is a brilliant blogger and author of two books: Remembering and Echoes. You can go check her blog at catnipoflife. What inspirational posts! Reading her poems can boost up your morale and can give you new thoughts to linger on.

Thanks a lot, Sharla, for bestowing this award to Cosmuse.

This award makes me happy because of four reasons:
1. It's my second award in the second month of blogging, mathematically.
2. It's given by such a prolific writer herself.
3. It's given with the word that the nominees write utterly inspirational stuff! Oh, the honor! :)
4. Well, I <3 awards!

Now, coming on to the rules: I have to state seven random facts about myself.

1. My choices are really weird at times.(be it person, place or thing... absolutely weird!)

2. I love South Indian dishes. Tantalizing!

3. I can still watch all the Disney cartoons and swoon over the fantasy tales. Ooooh!

4. I am a procrastinator. No matter, how many ways I count to say goodbye to it, the laziness just does not shrug off.

5. I'm writing this post while half of the world, around me, sleeps. 

6. I love to READ.

7. I love to travel on my own with a camera in my hand.

 And now comes the actual thinking task. I shall pass this award to the bloggers who have managed to make me think, "Man, this one has real talent!" I have notified the nominees in a message.
If, due to some reason, you guys cannot participate in this, I'll understand. Just that you should know your blog is worth One Lovely Blog Award.

Cheers! Stay motivated!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Friday, 10 August 2012

The Thursday Think Tank - Books

Today's prompt for the Thursday Think Tank is Books. My favorite is Little Women; I have read it many a time in the past couple of years. I always wanted to share my views on this book but felt I’d not be able to do justice to this splendid piece of literature. This is my poem inspired by the book and the character, Jo March. To read the other entries, go here. You can join in, too.


Beyond the placid horizon
Lies the world I dream.
I take not luxury with me,
But love and my esteem.

I have not buried the past
But outlined a new future.
The castles dangle up above
Till one marches on to conquer.

There, in the midst of the field
I shall meet my promise.
Time shall flare my trace
Beaming in the bliss.

By Vaishali Jain

 Here's the synopsis taken from IMDb:
Little Women is a "coming of age" drama tracing the lives of four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. During the American Civil War, the girls father is away serving as a minister to the troops. The family, headed by their beloved Marmee, must struggle to make ends meet, with the help of their kind and wealthy neighbor, Mr. Laurence, and his high spirited grandson Laurie.  
Josephine March and her three sisters Margaret, Amy, and Beth grow up with their mother's guidance while their father fights in the American Civil War. The vivacious quartet are very close and happy despite limited means. Laurie Laurence, the well off boy next door, takes a liking to Jo, and his tutor John Brooke eyes older sister Margaret during a party. Margaret marries Mr. Brooke but Jo rejects Laurie's proposal and moves to New York for new adventures. When Beth starts to lose her battle with Scarlet Fever Jo returns to her deathbed. Sister Amy returns married to Jo's one true love, Laurie, and we wonder if she will ever find someone to replace him.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Mysti Parker's 20,000th Hit Giveaway


It's Giveaway time!

Have you ever been a part of a brilliant books’ Giveaway event? 

 I’m glad to be a part of one. I’ve been following Mysti Parker’s 20,000th HitGiveaway and realized it a few hours ago that I could share the information regarding this splendid event here on my blog. 

You’ll be surprised by the variety you can get. There are many wonderful authors who are participating to bring you superb books of different genres: Sci-fi/Fantasy, Thriller/ Horror/ Mystery, Romance, Erotic romance, YA/Children’s, Inspirational/Religious, Non-fiction. There are anthologies and short stories, too.

Fantastic books + they’re FREE! :)


Which one would you like to claim? Go, find out.

A few books have been sold because I’m a bit late in putting this info up. My bad! You could still check the list and get your free book by commenting your pick in the comment box, with your name and e-mail address. 

I got mine… the same day. Cool, innit?

Join the Facebook page for more fun.

You can get this information on Mysti’s blog, too, but I’d paste them up here, just in case.

“Readers, for the efforts of our authors, please consider leaving thanks in the form of reviews and ratings on Goodreads, Amazon and/or B&N. Thank you!”

Please check the availability of the book before commenting for the same. Plus, do not forget to enter your name and email address to get the desired book in your inbox.
Also, it’s ONE book per person. However, you and yours can claim separately, too.

Okay, now! Have a look at Mysti’s blog and let her know which one you’d want to grab. 


Don’t miss the madness at 20,000TH HitGiveaway!!! 


Please do not forget to thank the author via feedback on Goodreads, Amazon, and/or B&N.


I've done my bit to spread the news of this exciting event. Enjoy reading!

Saturday, 4 August 2012



curious shapes
against the dark summer night –
a traveler's respite


look at the stars above
dream till you land in the sky...
none too far to reach

Written for Haiku Heights

Thursday, 2 August 2012

@Camp NanoWrimo

It’s the first day
Of the next 31 to come,
The stories in my psyche
All race to get the lead.
I choose one to be penned.
For the August camp
@Camp NanoWrimo

Emotions bristle
Finding some rare corners
to start the marathon
that shall go on forever.
To touch some life, somewhere
I’ll add: it all began
@Camp NanoWrimo.

I’ll indite 50000 words
of a new life, a new world
They follow a trajectory
of love, life and loss.
My protagonist talks of her plight
While I enjoy the drive
@Camp NanoWrimo

The usual talkses go on
Till it’s late at night
I advise we bid farewell
To unite again in dreams
And none shall falter
Till we gather ‘round the gleam
@Camp NanoWrimo.

[It said, "Think of new ways to introduce poetical flair into every day examples of writing: the diary, the memo, the “to do” list, the email." This is a new form I've tried with the sign '@Camp NanoWrimo' at the end of each stanza.]

[Vice Versa gave - Follow/Lead & Usual/Rare]
[3 WW gave - Emotion, falter, touch]

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

An immortal bliss


The passive dawn heard the muffled footsteps of two blanket-clad men approach a thin pale shepherd on the outskirts of the village.

“She shouldn’t survive,” said the first man, as he bore his dark eyes on the sleepy face that now laid in the arms of the shepherd.

With that, the two men left with a casual gait. The shepherd saw the moroseness in the child’s eyes as she saw them leave. Then, she shifted her attention to her holder… to nothing but his eyes. He felt a shadow of guilt lurch somewhere in his heart.

“Azad kaka?” the girl chirped.

“Yes, Guddi… your father says we’ll go for a small hike… Here, sit on my shoulders. It’s better that way,” he said, speeding his words and his footsteps. He felt relieved to be away from her gaze but a strange fear gripped his beating heart.


The early morning sun had never been this cruel as it felt today. The cacti-ridden hillside gave him no relief. Azad knew he wouldn’t get water for the next three hours. There was only one well on this stretch of The Aravallis. And he’d never satiate his thirst from the death well that bore the tears and blood of the countless girls who were abandoned by the families of his village. 

The little beads of sweat, formed on his forehead, tickled down his beard. He wiped the sweat on his sleeve and paced faster.

“Do you know you have a boomerang on your head?” Guddi said.


“Yes, its shape… did something hit you here?” She ran her small finger on the mark.

“Don’t remember.”

After a few silent seconds, Guddi spoke with a heavy tone. “My sparrows would be waiting for me.”


“Home. I feed sparrows every morning with bajra and water. They are such nice birds. Colorful… and they sit in pairs and sound so funny. Sometimes it sounds like they are calling my name.” Getting no response from Azad, she continued, “Have you ever seen them eat?”

“No,” he said, surprised at her exuberance.

“They walk funnily specially when they are full. They eat, then drink then eat and drink some more and then sit for a bit making pairs and talk to each other and then they fly away… so far.” Her voice became morose. “Can I ever become a sparrow?”

Azad simply shook his head.

She studied the passing trees in deep contemplation. “I wonder how small baby sparrows would be when they are born.”

Azad couldn’t contain his laughter. “Quite small,” he began, “but not as small as you think.”

“How small do I think they are?”

“A sea-shell’s size? I used to think the same when I was your age,” he spoke, perked up.

Their laughter echoed softly in the rocks.


Guddi’s weight became heavier with each step Azad took towards the death well. He had come here many a time in the past but never had the journey been this torturing. He was tired, scared, guilty, angry… but more than anything else, he was in pain – physically and mentally. He couldn’t bring himself to believe that the girl he had so loved since her birth would soon be no more. The gentle hands that had cradled her would become a murderer’s weapon.

Kishan, Azad’s close friend and Guddi’s father, had left the village four years back; he wanted to earn more money and, thus, fled to the town. None in the village knew that Kishan had been kept unaware of Guddi’s existence. They felt a wave of change; most of the villagers thought it was for the better. There had been far less killings of the female babies in the last four years.

Now that Kishan was home, his fury had taken everyone in the family by their throats. The village panchayat, too, had decided in his favor, “Now that Kishan does not want the girl, she shall not live.”

As a punishment of keeping it hidden from his own friend, Azad was given the task of drowning ‘the unwanted girl.’

“Had you killed her on her birth, it’d have been less painful, Azad. I hope you enjoy doing this now,” Kishan had mocked in the panchayat.

Azad sniffed. But he knew he had lied to his friend; he had taken a decision on his behalf when practically he had no right to do so.

He hardened his jaw; he had a task to execute. The girl was to be killed.


As they reached the death well, Azad winced at the wasteland this part of the rocks had become over the years. It seemed like the village practice had not only taken the lives of the girls but had obliterated each sign of nature, too.

His mojari felt uncomfortable. He put Guddi on the well’s sidewall and felt his sore feet. Maybe God was the perpetrator of his blistered feet; maybe He didn’t want another girl smothered to death.

“Kaka, let’s go home… Ma will apply her haldi mix on your feet. You’ll be alright.” She hesitated for a moment, “But how will I lift you, Kaka? We’ll both fall down.”

Azad smiled weakly.

He closed his eyes. The dark flashes of an eight year old Azad blinked before him. His mother was crying and a new born baby girl was being taken away from her to be thrown in the death well.

He felt infirm. Curbing Guddi in his arms, he said, “My sister is in there, you know.”

“Down? What is she doing there?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” Azad said as he looked deep in the confines of the brick-laden hell.

“Wouldn’t it be difficult to breathe down there?”

“It would have been more difficult to breathe outside.” Azad felt his anger drip from every pour of his body.

The realization of the truth suddenly dawned on her. “Kaka, is this the death well?” She asked, scared.

“What death well? And who told you about this?”

Baba was saying last night. He said that he’ll drown me in the death well and that I’ll di… I’ll die?” Her voice choked.

“No! What, no! It’s not the death well… I mean, it’s named as death well but you won’t be drowned in it... I’m here, my child.” Azad embraced the scared baby in a tight loving hug. Several emotions screamed to him for mercy, for humanity.  He could not cheat a four year old’s trust.

He thought about his village. The people down the hill might never forgive him; they might abandon him; his decision might not change anything but letting her die did not seem to be an option anymore.

“Look, my girl, I cannot take you home but we both can stay together. We might not have anyone with us; you might not get to meet your old friends and it might be a little bit different in the beginning but I promise… I shall keep you as my own heart,” he beamed, “Will you come with me?”

Azad held his hand out for her; she took it with a beatific smile.

Guddi’s small hand held Azad’s finger lovingly. They walked down a few steps to sit beneath a tree and revel in the company of the most mellifluous birds and the loveliest breeze that hovered around and played on their smiles. There was nothing more precious Mother Nature had held since a long, long time.

Copyright © 2012 Vaishali Jain
This post is part of the contest A picture can say a thousand words.. on

This story has been awarded the 2nd Runner Up prize at WriteUpCafe. Go check out other awesome entries.
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