Sunday, 23 September 2012

Letter to the 12 year old me

Happy 12th birthday, Vaishali!

I was about to make you a card but then, what fun would that be? 

If this letter reaches you, I advise, you start believing in miracles… and if you understand any of my suggestions written in it, I shall be witnessing a huge miracle, too. 

Lend me your ears; help me change ‘our’ lives.

I know you because I’ve been you. Well, okay, let’s get introduced first. I am you… just add ten years to your sweet life and you’ll get me as your future You. Now, as much as I know you, you’ll not take this letter seriously but you’ll read it till the very end. 

Don’t expect me to help you with your future details and exams and stuff. That’s your headache!

I’m just going to put things down in simple words. I know you won’t heed to any of that but please, and I mean PLEASE do keep this letter safe with yourself for future reference. Okay? Get it framed, laminated, whatever… just don’t lose it like you lose your pencils every other day.

Twelve honest advices I hope you take in… with a bonus thirteenth. –

  1. You don’t know but you have a really good puppy-dog face. Use it smartly; it will make your life much easier.
  2. That black, thick diary in your shelf (?)… Write in it. Daily.
  3. Relations are peculiar; they are strange. Don’t take them for granted… even the best ones.
  4. Stop being a recluse. Participate in social activities. Quit your stage fear.
  5. Apologize if you are wrong… even for the small things; sometimes, being late can be too late.
  6. Don’t compare yourself with others; things can get much worse than they are and a lot better, too… it’s all in your hands.
  7. Bad times have an expiry date. Always.
  8. Cry if you must but don’t be a coward EVER. Speak up!
  9. Develop a passion. Create. Invest your time in art and literature. You’ll thank me.
  10. Math is easier than you think. Try, at least.
  11. Stop procrastinating. I can give you 70 good reasons why but that’s not the point… you have to quit putting things on tomorrow.
  12. Shed your stubbornness… you won’t be pampered all your life.

I know you’ve always wondered about this and I hope it makes a difference now that you have an answer –

   13. Believe in dreams. They do come true. 

Don’t forget to make some happy moments this birthday. There is a lot more to be said… let’s save it for your thirteenth, shall we? 
 Here’s hoping a much better version of

(Your future self)

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Thursday, 13 September 2012


sleepless nights –
to offer the world
a grand show

none ever knows 
the cause of the brilliance
of an artist

curtain falls –
the applause echoes to play
a symphony

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