Saturday, 16 June 2012

If I knew it was my last day...

If I knew it was my last day,
I’d love to laugh and give and pray.
It wouldn’t do to resent or regret,
For dreams unachieved and wishes unmet.

I’ll not just breathe; I’ll feel the air,
I’ll thank God; I’ll sing a prayer,
I’ll don my bright white dress, I’ll look my best.
I’ll call my closest ones and join the fest.

I’ll make a sketch of the birds that fly,
Of the rising sun in the purple sky.
I’ll smile, I’ll dance, I’ll cook heartily,
I’ll sing karaoke, I’ll plant a tree.

For the world I’ll update my last message,
“I lived my time and will soon be in a dry foliage.
Forgive me dearies, for I might have been unkind.
Cherish the memories that I, at last, leave behind.”

And when I lay alone in my fluffy bed,
With Mother’s picture on the spread,
I’ll kiss my pillow and say goodbye,
To watch the rising sun in the purple sky!

Copyright © 2012 Vaishali Jain

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  1. This is so I wish you live hundred years and give us such happy poems to enjoy.....

    1. Aww, Sreeja! That's such a sweet compliment...well, compliments always sound sweet but this was sweeeeet! lol

      Thanks a bunch! :)

  2. I agree Vaishali, life is brief, life is beautiful, life is a gift...every moment of each day is precious and pregnant with the infinite living each blessed moment with gratitude and giving it our very best, we write the story of our life. May it be one that is inspiring and makes a meaningful difference to the lives of others!

    Let me take this opportunity to wish you a belated happy birthday! Many blessings to you today & always :)

    1. Beautifully said, Sir! Your positivity inspires me. I agree with the thoughts you've shared here. You certainly have a way with words. :)

      Thank you for the wishes! Gratitude deep from the heart. :)

  3. loved it while reading.Every day is a beautiful day .

  4. I don't know why I picked this one, but I wanted to read about your wishes and I found them all so sweet and simple. Ultimately our best dreams and wishes are all that, but often it takes us the last day of our lives to realise it, right? And since you have already understood it all, I am sure you must be one nice person :)

    1. Didn't expect a visit here, Zephyr. Thanks a lot for that! It's great that you find me to be a nice person(Oh, the honor!) Btw, yes, it's when you realize it's going to be over do you understand that there had been a fun element all along. Some grasp it earlier than others. Thanks for the visit. :)

  5. So beautiful, Vaishali! And, what vision!

  6. Hi this is sid the poem was awesome


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