Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Whispers Of A Caged Girl

Trapped in circles,
My life crawls.
I wait for shower,
Nothing falls.

I look down from the window,
That creaks and whines,
Copying my sour spirit
That no human divines.

I'm a scapegoat;
I'm a pariah;
I'll be used
Till I'm set afire.

The snakes in this evil room
Bite me each night.
I suffer in the dark,
I weep in the light.

There is a riot in my mind;
I'm torn within.
Is there someone somewhere,
Who desires me, not my skin?

Is there no place out there
That I can call mine?
A place with hope and faith,
Love and sunshine?

A place sans these wicked eyes
And prying hands,
That blighted many an evening
On the screaming stands.

I swallow my pride,
And crumple on the floor,
I let the tears fall
On the verse that runs, trite and sore.

My world has no cupid,
My world has no prince;
It’s laced with lust
And beasts with vexing grins.

How do I cheat my destiny?
How do I play smart?
My soul seems lost.
Can I make a new start?

They rumble like maniacs,
Downstairs, by the door.
An arrow of horror,
Pierces deep within my core.

Their laughter fused with desire,
Haunts me like a passion.
I can so easily die, yet I’ll live,
For the hope of redemption.

I know there is a life for me
That will have love and honor.
A paradise where the cupid will play
And I’ll tinkle with laughter.

Where I will smile with the sun
And sing to the moonbeams,
Where I'll be a li’l girl once more
And live my dreams.

Copyright © 2012 Vaishali Jain

This post is part of the contest Ten words to a Story(or Poem).. on

This poem has been awarded the 1st Runner Up prize at WriteUpCafe. :D


  1. You did it well Vaishali....many little girls morn....let there be paradises for them...BTW go to edit post then HTML and paste the code will work. A friend told me, I too did this wrong way.

    1. Thanks a ton, Sreeja. I had been waiting for you to tell me the correct manner of pasting the link. I knew I'd do it the wrong way. :D

      I never thought I'd be writing a poem on the basis of 10 words. Wow! I need to do this often. You with me?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Aaron! I'm glad to hear from you. Long time, innit? :)

  3. Nicely expressed!! :)

    1. Thanks, Rohan, for reading the poem.. and for leaving your thoughts, too. :)

  4. Very nicely written! I loved the bright ending of this poem and that hopeful insight. :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Leonardo! Thanks for the nice comment...I did need some feedback on it. :)

  5. Oh, the poem is so good! The fifth stanza had a dagger between its lines. My heart bleeds!

    The flowing blood writes,

    Pleasures of flesh, I seek not,
    For union of souls I long...

    1. THAT is the best comment I've received till date, Prateek. Have I ever told you that you express your thoughts beautifully?

      I am chuffed.

      Pleasures of flesh, I seek not,
      For union of souls I long... <<< Beautiful lines! I read and re-read your entire comment. Thanks SO much! :)

    2. You are very kind. I am honoured!

      Thanks for appreciating the lines. There is a lot of beauty in your writings. I simply borrowed some. :)

    3. Ahh! Now I'm blushing. *smiles*

  6. More than what's been said...I, for one, do not have words. I will keep reading!

    1. That means a lot to me, Helen. Thanks for the kind words. I'm delighted to see that you voted for my poem. Thanks a bunch! :)

  7. one very fine poem..keep it up di..:))

  8. I am glad i read your entry. Really nice one.

    1. Thanks for reading my poem, JJ. I'm glad you liked it. :)

  9. Congrats Vaishali for the prize.....keep the spirit......

    1. Thanks SO much, Sreeja! :) *smileys all the way*

  10. Loved it. And congrats too !


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