Monday, 23 September 2013

We Need Something New, And Now : Here’s Why Giving The Aam Aadmi Party A Chance Is Worth It

If there is one thing I have learnt from reality, it is this – we all want happiness. And we’re lazy. We fall from our expected territories every time and we crib. We crib and become accustomed with it. Someone comes up and shows how we can change it. We mull over it, discard it, and crib again. Such is life! Happiness is not elusive; we deliberately make it so.

I was never interested in the political scenario because I knew things were a dirty mess and that nothing would ever change. Then came IAC and I could see the silver lining, the texture of hope – so endearing, I wanted more of its yield. But then Modi came into limelight. And, boy, did he drive the magnetism around himself! Knowing full well of his history, people wanted to trust him because he was their saviour; because he could end the Congress regime- like some daredevil force. Agreed. But what about his own personal interest in communalism? Gah, that can be ignored for once, they say. People are choosing the easier way. They want to overlook his deeds in the hope of the development his Gujarat portfolio shows. Most don’t know what it will be like but they are waiting for it anyway. So, what remains of the Aam Aadmi Party? What about Arvind Kejriwal’s challenge to Sheila Dikshit to overthrow her rule in Delhi? After all, she has been the Chief Minister since the past 15 years. It seems that the AAP won’t give up easily. After all, truth doesn’t go without a fight, or some such. But the present situation demands Mr. Kejriwal to understand that:

We are not ready for a political revolution. Sure, he is trying to fight against power and get justice for the masses. Sure, his party has not made caste and religion the premise to lure the voters. Sure, AAP has a sure shot background check with honesty on the top of the list for its candidates. Sure, his door-to-door campaigns in poor localities in the fervid Delhi afternoons are nothing short of applause. Sure, his answers guarantee that things will get done. Sure, his team members are loyal enough to discard all the popular options they are being given. Sure, his brilliance shows in the systematic and winnable plans that he breeds. But there is a mysterious blanket of tolerance that covers all of us. Bad things happen and we move on. It is our spirit, you see, to harbour grudge against criminals and with that in our hearts, we move on. We do not, therefore, require a political revolution.

India ka kuchh nahi ho sakta: Because we, as Indians, are not willing to learn from mistakes. We choose to hide behind the garb of excuses and hurl globs of imprecations when cheated. But we are fine this way and there’s nothing much he can do about it. If we like to shelf our trust in a communal individual and a corrupt official it’s obvious that we don’t deserve a messiah. Now, do we? We are okay writing blog posts full of sarcasm, and blind jokes on the scams, and cartoons of the hyenas in the Parliament. Let’s keep happy endings for the movies; reality dwells in disappointments.

Corruption is like a cigarette. Even when we know its use will one day make us hollow, we use it. Out in the open or hidden behind the crevices of some four walls. Those who don’t use it have accepted the ways of the world and think that their voice will make no difference. They let the world get polluted and live with it. Doesn’t AK know what a mess it would be to clean the air? Does he not know that people have sent themselves RIP letters already and are not interested in his help? Does it not occur to him that his idea of change is something we would never be able to digest? Does he still want to get involved? God save him!

We are an accusation-hungry society. Oh, how we love it! Someone robs us and we have a whole list of people and things to blame: politicians, police, criminals, God, neighbours, pets, the feeble cement in the walls, but we won’t address the main issue of why and what the actual reason was. The crux of the matter is always forgotten and accusations jump this way and that in the hollowness of the wind. Even when Mr. Kejriwal fearlessly exposes the array of corrupt ministers and parties, he gets the famous accusations thrown against him, “You point a finger at us, and you point four at yourself.” So much for logical consistency!

The concept of AAP is so idealistic, it brings tears to my eyes. How can anything be so noble and pure? That’s supposed to be in fairytale books, no? His party is all about truth, sincerity, and what not. But we aren’t conditioned for that. We have been told to live miserably and raise another incredibly miserable generation. So, even if he tempts us with a happy life, a happy society, and happy savings, we do not want to trust him because he promises us happiness. And happiness is elusive, remember?

Comparisons do not deter us. Although, AAP promises all that’s important to the satisfactory functioning of a government – Lokayukta, Jan Lokpal Bill, an independent CBI, strict laws, recommendations from the people, transparency and RTI; but it’s still a new party. Shouldn’t we go for the parties that have been ruling us in tried and tested ways? We’re not shying away from good governance, of course. We just don’t want to be a part of the delusional concepts that AAP is promoting.

We are a bunch of stubborn unhappy voters. We’ll curse them, make jokes on them, and abhor them till our last salient breaths but no, sir, we won’t vote against them. After all, ‘We give, you snatch,’ has become a culture and a game for the nation. And the nation is okay playing this sport. We would hate it if some day we filed a complaint and, without a fight, the police officers go probe into the matter. Not acceptable. We are accustomed to fighting against the police and preaching them about their duties. They can’t be so responsible all of a sudden to do their duties without being reminded of the same. If crime rates fall, what would we protest against? If electricity rates fall, what would we be grumpy about? If things are good, how would we ever complain?

As to my belief, without any sarcasm, I am ready for a political revolution, a clean government, and a happy society. I want change. I want people to recognize change. I want to be a part of this change. We have been given a chance; it’s up to us how we take it. The party, whose very birth took place with the intention of a corruption-free India, will serve us something towards our mutual goal. Of course, it’s too early to give AAP the reins of the central government. But, and this is a crucial but, we need to give them a chance. I hope they win a few constituencies in Delhi and prove themselves in the next five years. Good things come to those who wait, and there is no denying the fact that we have waited far too long for a fair government. It’s time to get off that “chalta hai” soapbox and actually do something.

Also published in Youth ki Awaaz

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  1. Loved your post :) the much intended use of pun in your posts makes me want to read them again and again !
    Arwind Kejriwal is a the real pall bearer of change Modi is claiming to be. But Modi also has his effect and with the recent rally in Delhi, I feel Kejriwal was lost in the dust somewhere. The elections are quite near and I think Kejriwal needs a far more fierce campaign to overshadow that block in the minds of the people to only choose between Congress or BJP.
    I have pinned high hopes on him, much as you have, but at the same time, I also fear his effectiveness, once he is elected. Only time will tell, whether we have to move on from yet another political mistake or tune our minds to more scathe battles!


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